"Realizing society where people pursue
their dreams freely Incorporate
Foundation SAC Dreams and
Hopes supports it.

As to return its profit to the society, SAC established a foundation named
Dreams and Hopes in 2010 supporting children in the economically
vulnerable families in Chungnam region.

Business Vision

" Realizing society where people pursue their dreams freely "

Business Goal
  • Relieve burden on low-income household and reduce underprivileged children problems
    by providing basic living support
  • Support physical growing and healthy living of children and youth
  • Provide emotional stability to children and reduce youth problem
  • Extend attention and expectation on neglected children
  • Extend to national wide child support project through by promoting business
Service Contents

Realizing society where people pursue their dreams freelyThis aim to realize society where underprivileged children can pursue their dreams freely by preventing children problems caused by poor social and economical surroundings and helping them grow into good citizens through underprivileged children support business.

Supporting Dream Trees Project

Introduction of Supporting Dream Trees Project

Supporting Dream Trees are divided into "Providing Rice Project" and "Providing Daily Necessities Project."
Providing food and daily necessities are the most important."SAC Dreams and Hopes" sets providing these basic and essential rice and daily necessities as a priority goal and supports livelihood.

Providing Rice Procject
  • We provide basic and staple rice to supply stable food for poorly-fed children who go without a meal for financial
  • We provide the child with 3kg of rice every month which is the minimum quantity to maintain the life.
Providing Daily Necessities Procject
  • It is difficult to provide detailed materials such as clothing or daily necessities. We try to promote their convenience by
    providing these daily necessities during summer vacation (July, August) and winter vacation (November, December,

Sharing Education Project

Introduction of Sharing Education Project

To resolve the children problems such as emotional insecurity due to under-employment of low-income household and low basic learning skills due to inadequate guidance, a volunteer visits their home once a week during summer vacation (July, August) and winter vacation (November, December, January) and guide their studies.

Education Contents
Field Contents
Daily-life Guidance Safety Education, Life Habits Education, Manners
Education Guidance Homework, Self-motivated Learning
Emotional Support Individual Counseling

Hope Project

Introduction of Hope Project
  • "SAC Dreams and Hopes" now supports children in the economically vulnerable
    families mainly in Chungnam region and provides Providing Rice Project, Providing
    Daily Necessities Project, Sharing Education Project
  • "SAC Dreams and Hopes" aims to extend the region and target of its project, not
    only these children supporting project, but into international support. And its
    contents scope also would be extended into supporting social and cultural areas.
  • Hope Project is the continuous effort of "SAC Dreams and Hopes" to review new
    project area and its realization plan for the above aims
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